Zyblikiewicza, Kraków

Category: Historic Buildigs
  • Address:
    Str. Zyblikiewicza 8, Cracow, Old Town

  • Description:
    The historic building from the early twentieth century in the style of Young Polish (building erected in 1905-1906, building entered in the register of monuments) Major overhaul and modernization of the building, restoration of stonework entrance portal, the construction of the internal passenger lift. Pow. Usable building (in front of the superstructure) - approx. 1,150 m2 - 18 apartments and 2 commercial spaces. The superstructure of the building and reconstruction of the attic for housing - pow. Usable approx. 520 m2 - 9 dwellings.

  • Investor:
    Plomba s.c.

  • Date of realization: